5 responses to “THE CONNECTICUT CAPITALIST POLL – MAY 30, 2023”

  1. Connecticut government needs to let local municipalities handle and set their own guidelines with respect to zoning. One size does not fit all and the antiquated 8-30g needs to be abolished as it does not help those truly in need. Local municipalities know what is needed to maintain housing that is affordable to their citizens. Our legislators are taking advantage of the super majority to run roughshod over our towns and cities. None of these so called affordable apartments are within the financial means of those truly in need. All they are doing is attracting outsiders and pushing local taxpayers to relocate to other states in order to survive. Seniors, low income and students returning from college can I’ll afford to live in the communities they have called home most of their lives.

  2. Thank you for the reply Joanne. I feel like the word “affordable” has disappeared from the discussion in recent weeks. This bill is much different than the activist talking points repeated over and over the last few months.

  3. We have taxation without representation that is rife with voter and election fraud. Just ask the SEEC who received 8 books of 4 inch binders of evidence of potential voter fraud given to them by canvassers.

  4. We need to reform the legislation process in order to put an end to closed door, expedited push through bills. Our one party rule is destroying the uniqueness and desirability of CT in a totally inappropriate and ineffective zoning and building takeover by those in Hartford.

  5. Senate Majority Leader Bob Duff is closing all the prisons; releasing the hardened criminals. They then open private prisons and bribe Bob Duff. Firetree at 17 Quintard killed the 19 Quintard resident. Firetree is a money launder criminal enterprise bribing state Officials through Robinson and Cole ask Judge Genaurio.

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